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Are you looking for service (change postal address) or USPS change in Newyork city? We serve you nearby your local post office. Without any delay of service, our staff will directly respond to your inquiry and start the moving procedure.

We serve all area of New York city within your moving dates. If you’re finding yourself in the situation of changing your postal address, then most likely if not obviously you are moving to someplace. Now, this can be a very demanding time and if you’re already going through it, there is probably no need to explain how hard this can be.

Before Moving Manage these things You have to manage the things around the new place like electricity, water, heating, and cooling. Get the groceries, plug in your electronics. Get the fridge, washer and dryer working and all other electronic equipment that counts to a lot when being accumulative. But that’s really the easiest part, you are also managing affairs of the previous place and making sure all the paperwork has been filled and dues are cleared.

Which is the Most Difficult Thing in Moving? Now for the most dreaded part of moving, you will have to pack everything, literally everything and then arrange for transportation. Of course, you can get a U-Haul or a truck, and you can always get a bigger truck for moving everything at once. But saying and stating is just not enough for doing justice to the actual hassle that moving actually is.

On top of that, you might even have work and if this is your situation, you are in for a roll and these couple of days or even weeks can be wild for you. Just when you thought you were done, you realized your bank and your insurance company doesn’t know you shifted your place. Who is supposed to take care of that, more so, who is going to tell the government that you don’t like in the same house anymore?


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Online USPS Change of Address Service

You can get a postal address change request from us and we can offer you benefits that you do not normally obtain. Even if you apply for an address change to the US government, who is going to manage all other affiliated administrative issues? The US government does not take responsibility to notify and department that is not concerned and with that said, we are here to make the job easier for you. We offer countless benefits that fit the bill for your needs and while we do the hard part for you, you can complete your shifting with a piece of mind, rest assured, we have you covered.

U.S citizen (Change Postal Address)

As a US citizen, it is your duty to make sure your address change has been reported and your government has been notified of your change. Of course, telling all other private and public organizations is also just as important. Can you see yourself writing letter and emails to all the concerned organizations that your place has changed and new emails may be sent to the new place? Maybe you can, but with a full-time job, moving places and taking care of all other administrative affairs, one could very easily make blunders while doing so. Or one could simply find the task extremely demanding or fatiguing, if that is so, you could use the most convenient way to go about this. Benefits of having an address change from us While the US government only has 4 benefits of having an address change, we have countless. If you apply for an address change with us we offer the following services that the US government and most other private organizations also offer.

  • Notify Catalogs of Address Change
  • Family and Business Forwarding
  • Forward Postal Office Mail
  • Temporary Forwarding of Postal Mail

However, we stand out not for providing services that are available everywhere else, we stand out for how we are out of the box of monotony. Here are the services we provide that you almost certainly do not get from other government or private organizations that offer postal address change services.

  1. Notify Utilities of Address Change
  2. Notify Catalogs of Address Change
  3. Notify Utilities of Address Change
  4. Notify Insurance of Address Change
  5. Notify Financial Companies of Address Change
  6. Notify Magazines of Address Change
  7. Notify Fitness Clubs of Address Change
  8. Notify Cable/Digital Voice/ISP’s of Address Change
  9. Junk Postal Mail Removal Services
  10. Notify Frequent Flyer Programs of Address Change
  11. Notify up to 100 Companies Directly
  12. Choose from 80,000 Companies to Notify Directly
  13. Unlimited Address Changes for up to 3 Months
  14. Round-the-clock (24/7) Phone and Email support
  15. Register for New Utilities, Cable, Broadband and Phone

Why choose ChangeMyPostal?

During your time of an intense number of responsibilities and affairs to manage, we are committed to offering not only a service that definitely and urgently needs, we make sure to stand out in the competition. When you move, a lot of important things can be missed out on just like that. We do our best and we do what others don’t make sure everything falls in place and you don’t miss out on anything. Changing address is much cheaper if done at home and if done through other services but the chance of not getting your updated address across to important individuals is there.

Having Issue with Change Postal Address?

We not only deliver your updated address to important personal and companies, we also consider the urgency of your problem. While seeing to it that everything carried out at its fastest, we make sure to leave no stones unturned to a better customer service than ever. It’s what we do and it’s what we are good at. While you can focus on things that matter more to you and the things that need your time and energy, you can leave more tedious like address change to us.  We even provide services to have you address change online (that is, apply for the address change online). Once we have your application, we work on it earliest possible and make sure to get your address change heard wherever needed and as fast as possible. We also make sure to not notify about your address change to junk email and spam email senders. This maintains our standards for offering top-notch services. We are not part of any GOV agency or Official USPS, you can further visit for details.

What our customers are saying

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Thank you for your fast service, I really appreciate your effort towards change my postal address. I shall recommend this service to others.
William Lucas
William Lucas
I have never seen service like that, easy way to change my address within days. What a way of changing my address.
Project Manager
Thank You very much for providing us this service at ease, simple way to change my mailing address. YOU sort out one of my biggest problem in moving.
MR Alia
MR Alia

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