Steps of USPS Mail Forwarding

In this article, you can understand the facts and figure about USPS mail forward to new address. Very easy to understand through following these procedures. After filling form what next to do? This is a question in every person mind after payment. After following these steps you are able to complete USPS mail forwarding process easily.

The USPS can send your mail to you in case of an event of address change so that you don’t miss out on your mail.

There are 2 services being offered by the USPS for mail forwarding.

Regular Forward Mail

Every time when you’re moving you must have to go through this process. Either you are moving your address permanently or temporary. Every user must notify USPS before moving their address. There are many companies is there to serve you like ChangeMyPostal ETC.

In either case, USPS will forward your mail to the new address.

All about it

  • If you’re permanently moving, you can use this service to update your address to the new one.
  • If you are moving temporarily, this service is offered for as little as 15 days or as long as a year. (However, after 6 months, you can get an extension for 6 more months)
  • Your mail is forwarded to the new address at a charge of $1 from your credit card (This is not a service charge; it is to verify your identity).
  • Your individual mail is sent separately to your new address.

Premium Forward Mail

A one-time registration is charged and afterwards you are to pay a service fee periodically. USPS holds your mail as it comes weekly, it then packages it and ships it to your temporary address.

The service is for as less as 12 to 15 days or as long as a year.

All about it

  • There is a registration charge of $20.10 by retail or $18.45 if done online.
  • You pay $20.10 every week of service.
  • The packaged mail is sent via priority mail and delivered in 1 to 3 business days.
  • Priority mail is directly sent.

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